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Virtual Admin Angel
Virtual Admin Angel

Providing convenient, customised and innovative outsourced administration resources for small to medium businesses…

Why is Virtual Administration the future of small to medium business?

  • What is the best way to outsource tasks in the current business climate?
  • How do you service the needs of employees in quieter periods?
  • Do you know you need assistance but are not in a position to employ someone or don’t have an office space in which an employee can be stationed?
  • What if there was a way to have casual staff member/s on hand that you could call on only when needed in a way that would not inconvenience them or yourself?

The answer is Virtual Administration! We have staff on hand to help you with generic or more customised administration tasks depending on what your business requires. All our Administration Assistants are Virtual because they work from their own home or office space however they will represent your business as if they were sitting in your office.

We can receive and respond to emails on your behalf, copywrite, proofread and format documents or presentations as required, send out invoices, chase debtors, call customers on your behalf, set up online calendars and schedule appointments for you, manage your website content, blogs and social media presence ad hoc or on a regular basis as required.

You only pay for actual time worked! We bill in 15 minute increments after the first hour and include our timesheets on your invoices so you can see where the time was spent.

If you wish to have a dedicated Virtual Assistant on a regular basis, we can find the perfect match for your company using our VA Match Recruitment process. For a small retainer of time and then hourly billing when this time is exceeded, this service ensures your VA will operate exclusively for your business in all the same ways as an employee except that they will work remotely and on a subcontractor basis.

In order to grow you must outsource…

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The team at Admin Angel proudly supports Charities such as Camp Quality, World Vision, KONACan and The Rural Fire Service

We also proudly support Community Networking Groups such as Northern Beaches Business Swap and Converge Business Networks.

We sincerely thank all of our past and present clients for the opportunity to be of service to them and their businesses.

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Virtual Admin Angel
Virtual Admin Angel